We’re baaaaaccccck!

Yes, we’re home. In one whole piece. It seems the gods are keen to work against us each time we travel back to England. This flight was no less dramatic than last month’s. But we’ve managed to arrive.

I now face two suit-cases to unpack, I’ve just finished the supermarket-hopping-spree and am now about to feed the little one who must now get used again to having only her silly mummy as entertainment. That and Baby TV of course, from which we (I) took a gratifying break.

Must rush off to continue feeding C and then start on the cooking.

Yes, the holiday’s over and we’re home.



2 thoughts on “We’re baaaaaccccck!

  1. hey good to hear you’re back home… just got home yesterday from a weekend break in Philadelphia! Was the first time in a hotel with the little one but it went well; even though the routine… what routine!!?? Now we’re back to our regular schedule and loving it! Off to unpack and do the laundry!! Hurray 😦 lol!

  2. Exactly Chris – what routine?! Thank God we’re back! How was Philadelphia? A break is always welcome, though the work always seems to be doubled when you return lol 😦

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