Happy Birthday x

I didn’t want to write anything about today, but it seems I must. Today is my father’s birthday. He hated birthdays, he hated the fuss and never understood why we all wanted to celebrate him getting a year older. This year would have been his first as a Nannu. I know he would have been so proud of his little namesake. She has so much of him in her. As her other Nannu always tells her – “You’re a Xuereb through and through”! Even though she never met you, just like me, she has you as her guardian angel always and forever.

So Happy Birthday my special angel. I can see you rolling your eyes at me – “Really Jo, mentioning me in your blog?!”

But of course 🙂

I know you’re up there celebrating with a glass of red wine, a smile on your face and all the cakes for you to eat.

Because you do know that you’re to blame for my super-active sweet tooth, ej 😉


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday x

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