Home Is Where…the Washing Machine Is!

The empty luggages have been stowed away and the washing machine has been working overtime, yet we seem to have finally settled in again. Yesterday we were all cranky, except for Cesca who started squealing from the early hours of the day, totally indifferent as to what was going on. She was fascinated by a fellow passenger’s Afro-like hair and tried to pull it everytime she got near enough. Unlike our trip to Malta last Wednesday, she did not sleep the whole trip through, but only managed an hour before being woken up by the loud in-flight announcement. After that it was jumping on her legs, throwing toys on the floor and pulling my hair. But no crying at least.

Our stay in Gozo passed by in a second as usual. This time round we rarely used our car and it remained garaged for the whole time. Why? If you live or visited Gozo quite recently, you’ll know that it’s no longer the island of peace and quiet. No, it’s been replaced by dust, roads in shambles, one-way signs everywhere and horrific traffic jams. Add to that hordes of people crossing over for Carnival weekend, and you get my meaning.

No, we didn’t go to Nadur. We dressed up C as a little bear and went round Victoria to see the dances, floats and costumes. However bar a couple of hours, the weather was so cold C stayed in her push-chair all cuddled up and enjoyed the view from there. I was amazed by the dedication of some the Carnival dancers – no way would I bare my legs and arms to wear a bikini and dance in cold weather! We thought it was a bit funny seeing some of the husbands of the dancers walking to and fro their dancing spot…perhaps keeping an eye on them?

Okay, that’s just mean…

Saturday night, Nanna M was in charge of C till the next morning, so we went to a Carnival party. We used to love going to Duncan F’s party when we were younger. We used to know the crowd then since they were all University students our age, and it was always a good excuse to meet up. This year we went out at 11pm. Yes 11pm! I do not remember going out at that time – not ever!! After a couple of drinks we went to the party. I appreciated the frisking that was going on at the door, although some people were already plastered and what not by the time they entered the place. Once inside, us ladies dared to go to the bathroom. Some things do not change at all. The place was still filthy, the doors still do not lock up and you always see that poor soul squatting on the floor, totally drunk and out of it. It was totally not our place anymore. The crowd seemed so young (I know it’s actually us getting old) and the costumes were beyond daring and revealing. To show you how out of place we were, we actually started talking about how original the stage was and how appropriate and properly done the body paint of the deejay and dancers was. Yes, we were that boring. However we mustered a 3am curfew, which I’m (sort of) proud of.

I met up my beautiful 34-week pregnant best friend – the one with the adorable young boy I’m in love with. We met up for coffee – actually she couldn’t take anything due to the heartburn she’s suffering. I seem to have forgotten the ugly side of the latter weeks of pregnancy. Hopefully by the time of my next visit there, she’ll be holding the little one in her arms and have forgotten about it all too. Good luck R!!

As I had said earlier on, I managed to get some serious grooming done whilst in Gozo. I am now more of a blonde than when I left here. My face and body are in a better state than before, and I feel overall much better. Grooming does indeed help the soul.

So that was my weekend. The Nanniet have thrown out of the window every sort of routine C had, yet I don’t mind. They love spending time with her and I love seeing her enjoying their company and laughing with them. C being ultra-friendly helps a lot – there doesn’t seem to have been a person she hasn’t smiled at or tried to touch this weekend.

I’m off now to continue with the tidying up and start the cleaning. It’s amazing how much dust can gather up in five days. Back to the routine we go!!


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