Bye-bye Nanna…

One hour ago I was Skyping with my mother. We were happy and excited because we had just confirmed her trip here next week. Then mum’s mobile rang and it was aunt. Telling her my nanna had passed away.

And just like that, one day after my father’s birthday, his mother joined him.

I often wondered how is it possible for a person to go from living to dead in a split-second. Is it just a blink of an eye that which separates life from death? Do we feel that the time is nearing? Or is it something which we do not and are not meant to understand?

In my nanna’s case, I have this bittersweet thought running through my head at the moment. I’m thinking one second she’s breathing, alive and still with us. She blinks, closes her eyes, re-opens them and finds herself reunited with my dad. She’s surprised, but she isn’t sad because although she’s left her husband and children on earth, she knows it’s now time to be with her other children – one she hasn’t seen in thirty-odd years and the other in nearly six years.

And I know that at the moment she’s receiving one big hug from her son – a type of hug only a child can ever give to his mother.

And I know he’s thinking that one day after his birhday, he finally received the best gift ever – seeing his mother again.

Bye-bye dearest nanna. I know you have already, but send dad lots and lots of love. I feel strangely content knowing that you are there to take care of him now.

I miss you both. So much.



9 thoughts on “Bye-bye Nanna…

  1. How sad 😦 My nannu is in a touch-and-go situation too. Just a couple of weeks ago we had to call my mum to come back to Malta. He’s still the same… My sincere condolences to you and your family…hugs xxxxx

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