Of Things That Do Not Fit And Others Which Will

Every couple of weeks I have to go through C’s clothes, discard the ones that don’t fit her anymore and replenish with new stuff. There are some things which I’m reluctant to put in the Don’t-Fit-Anymore pile. Take her Benetton Jeggings – they are the cutest denim leggings which although still fit her lengthwise (they’re 9-12months size), can not come up past her knees thanks to her chubby thighs. I’m still managing to put them on her but I got a telling-off from mum last week when she saw them on her – “Honestly, doesn’t she have a pair of leggings which actually fit?!”

They were already a close fit then, and that's over a month ago!

The only denim trousers which fit her are the 12-18month ones – again, her thighs make all trousers an ultra-skinny fit. For that reason I stick mainly to leggings, which are comfortable on her, allow me to put on a pair of tights for warmth underneath and are easy to find. She now has around 8 pair of leggings, of which I’m thinking 5 will have to be removed.

We go through sleepers like there’s no tomorrow. It’s amazing because one week they fit her quite well and then all of a sudden there’s no leg space anymore and C can barely stretch her legs! She’s quite a tall girl – my gynae had told me she would be from the very early days, and he was quite right.

Last case in point was a cute Carter’s outfit my aunt sent her – size 12 months. I put it on her last weekend, and I don’t think we’ll be able to wear the fleece top again. It was a close fit and I could barely fit her arms in the sleeves. Also, the leggings seemed to be three-quarters skinny capri pants 😦

And a cute lilac jacket C got as a present when she was still a baby? She hasn’t yet worn it and I don’t think we will before Easter in Malta – IF it fits then! She can’t wear it then because it’s more of a windbreaker than a winter jacket, but it’s a real pity she probably will not wear it more than a couple of times, if that much.

We’re still safe with skirts and tights, so I’ll be looking for a couple of new skirts to add to her wardrobe. A quick stroll through the centre yesterday drew me to Zara and Next, who have the cutest collection of basic children wear. Next has a beautiful collection of navy blues and yellows – a combination which I really like. And I particularly loved a Zara shirt dress, which will soon be coming home with me…

Red tights and red hair bow and I'll gobble you up!

Of course if it’s something totally girly for a special occasion, you can never go wrong at Monsoon.

The Estella Dress at Monsoon

They also have beautiful playsuits and the cutest harem pants. Yes, harem pants for baby girls!!

And by the way, remember that red Monsoon dress I mentioned last time? The one C wore for Christmas and covered it in milk? Well we got to wear it last Sunday!! Yes the sleeves were a bit short, but it fit her and best part is she managed to keep it clean!

Nothing beats baby shopping!


4 thoughts on “Of Things That Do Not Fit And Others Which Will

  1. 😦 It’s a constant editing isn’t it? R is down to 3 leggings, 2 tops and 1 dress! Desperate for new clothes…if only we could get out of the house and to the shops. Sorry missed you again…crazy Victoria + trip to Malta + sick again!

  2. This weekend I’m upheaving her wardrobe again and see what needs to get bought. You’re feeling unwell again? I’ll be back in Easter for 10 days and meeting up with you and R is at the top of my list! Take care x

  3. What never helps is that sizing fits differently depending on the brand. Be careful with Zara and Vertbaudet – small, small, small! Some Next pieces too. M&S, George and Boots MiniClub are usually quite generous, you get a good amount of use out of them.

    That Estella dress is so gorgeous! I think I’d want to frame it rather than pack it away!

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