Let Me Just Say This.

Let me just say this.

I love writing here. I love being able to express myself here, and have you, my dear friends, share with me what I go through. Your words and thoughts during difficult times are more helpful than you know. Your comments manage to put a smile on my face when it seems nothing else can.

However it saddens when I’m reminded why I did not want to share this blog with Facebook in the first place.

I love your comments, I love you dis/agreeing with me over certain things, I love getting to know what you think.

What I do not like nor appreciate is using this blog as a sort of gossip platform. I do not like having people I mention here being approached and told about how I “nikxef kollox fuq l-Internet“. I do not lie here and believe it or not, I do not write about EVERYTHING that happens to me. I have no problem writing and standing by what I write. I just do not like others commenting or judging things with their own set of standards, which are totally different than mine.

So please follow this blog if you like my writing style and if you truly enjoy reading it as much as I do writing it. But please PLEASE if you only follow me to gossip about me later on and tsk-tsk about what I write, then please remind yourself that you do not have to follow me.

The ‘unfollow’ button is always an option.


15 thoughts on “Let Me Just Say This.

  1. My work days are long and tough and I deal with some very cold people (that is a nice way of putting it). I enjoy reading your blog as it brings a touch of humanity to my day :-)) Don’t let our often closed minded society on this island stop you enjoying this outlet, I for one will look forward to your next post !

  2. Oh Melissa, that means a lot 🙂 I’ve had a rough couple of days and this was just the straw that tipped everything over. I promise to be back to my cheerful self soon xxx

  3. People can be downright mean sometimes… I’m always a little hesitant to tell people I know about my blog…Like you said.. I don’t want to be judged… Hope your day goes better today…

    Best Wishes!

  4. i love your writting and truely admire you.. do not waste the time to take care of those who have nothing else to do in life than to judge others or babysit others business …

  5. Sorry to hear this babe…. I await your blog posts cause of your humor and the way you look at life… Not gonna lie I also love hearing about your life up in the uk.. But honestly, these people have nothing to do if they manage to get gossip from here… Jeez… **HUGS**

  6. I know Lau, right?! I’m no Perez HIlton for God’s sake. Yet still…

    And no, no, it’s not about recent events. That would have made me name them right out in public.

    Thanks dear x

  7. Some people really need to get a life. I’m sorry that you are having to deal with this sort of thing, I’m glad you took a stand though and wrote this post. I too am always a little hesitant to tell people I know that I have a blog. Even though I love blogging, I still feel a little weird admitting it to people. Your post reminded me that I to should really cut the strings and unlink my blog from facebook. I’m not sure it makes any sense, but having it on facebook makes me feel so much more exposed even though my blog is already out there for all to find and read. Good for you and I hope keep posting!

  8. I completely know what you are going through with this. I began blogging in the very early 2000’s & back then it was even more of a shock for me to be “revealing” all (which like you said, is SO far from the truth!!).

    A few years ago i was accused of horrible things because of the stupidest things you could ever imagine that i mentioned on my blog. I stood by it and the fact that there was nothing wrong in what i said, and thus lost that friendship.

    Point is, people will have a problem with anything if they decide they want to. The Maltese, esp of a certain non-tech mentality, make it even harder. If writing here makes you happy, keep doing it. Be aware of how you mention others but other than that, just ignore the gossips. Think of yourself as a mini-celebrity: if they’re gossiping about you, you’re obviously making an impact!

    Hugs xxxx

  9. Don’t ever stop writing, as I said before, you are really good at it, and I know you enjoy it…. But then again, I’m being selfish, when I’m feeling a bit down because of certain things going on in my life, you always manage to put a smile on my face… So keep it up Jo, don’t ever stop 🙂

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