Pink is for girls. Red it seems, not really…

“How old is he, God bless?”

“SHE’s 8 months old today”

“What beautiful eyes she has”

That was the conversation that took place between a middle-aged lady and my mother yesterday afternoon. They were talking about C, who was wearing blue leggings, a blue top with a huge red heart and a blue headband with red buttons. And a Minnie Mouse bib. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen a baby boy wear such attire. I don’t know, maybe I live in a different universe.

Cesca in said outfit. Sand head-band and avec nanna.

Last week the maintenance man came over to fix a problem we had with the water heater. C was watching The Real Deal with me. The gentleman looked over at C who was fascinated by one of the expert’s glitzy rings, and said “He sure loves his antiques, doesn’t he?”

Saddest thing, she was actually wearing pink that day!! Yes, pink, yet he still thought her a boy 😦

This has happened other times whilst she was wearing a yellow hair-bow, a blue top with the words “Daddy’s Little Girl” and even when she wore white and brown polka-dot tights. I don’t know what to buy her – a top with huge emblazoned words “I’m a SHE not a HE!!” ??

Or I could get her this top, add my blog address and have them read this post here. (Top from Zara Kids)

Go to mummy's blog and you'll find out that yes, I'm a girl!!

So I’m slowly building up on her already-big collection of hair-bands, pins and bows in order to convince the seemingly unconvinced people out there, that my daughter is a girl. Until her hair is long enough to pull into a pony-tail, we’ll use accessories.

I know it shouldn’t really bother me, but it does.

Today we were back to pink hair-bands –

I'm thinking only girls wear pink hair-bands...right?


6 thoughts on “Pink is for girls. Red it seems, not really…

  1. It’s probably the denim coz it’s blue. I sometimes cannot tell a baby’s sex the first year of their life. On the other hand if someone mistakes her for a boy with the pink headband then that’s just daft hehe.

    • With her short hair I can perhaps get the misunderstanding, but with her clothes and hairbands I don’t! I’m hoping her hair will grow overnight lol 🙂

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