Monday again…

This weekend was different than usual because my mother’s visiting. It has been a pleasure having her here and I’ll be sad to see her go in a couple of days. It’s always nice to have family visiting, and when the family member is someone as close as a mother, the visit is more than extra super 🙂 It’s perfect! C gets to enjoy her nanna, nanna gets to spoil her rotten and I get to have some free time on my hands – free time to wash and dry my hair at leisure, arrange my wardrobe, replenish C’s wardrobe (with the extra help from nanna!) and start on some spring-cleaning.

Saturday was spent going round the city centre, drinking coffee and tea, eating scones, visiting shops, and restocking on baby nappies and wipes – we’re going to try out the size 4+ nappies, although I really doubt there’ll be that much difference between them and the size 4 we’re currently using. Having said that, like I wrote last time, C is growing out of her 12 months clothes really fast, so we might be better off with the + size. At times her tummy seems to be hanging over her trousers. No surprise really, considering her bottle is her best friend and every single thing which comes into her hands goes straight to her mouth.

In the evening we went out for dinner with friends, then mum babysat C for a couple of hours and we went out for a drink with our friends. A real drink, at a real grown-up place, having grown-up conversation with non-mummies. It felt great 🙂

It was raining for the whole of Sunday – the soft drizzling rain which characterized the whole day. We visited Whitstable, a village I truly love, had a fish lunch there, and then spent the evening at home, listening in to the tip-tap of raindrops, watching Home Alone 3 and Baby’s Day Out, drinking Averna and chatting about everything and nothing. Truly wonderful!

And now it’s Monday again. The start of yet another week. Here’s hoping it’ll be a good one. One thing it will definitely be is a windy one! I’m hoping our trees stay in their place.

xxx Jos

She is fascinated by the swaying trees.

She's also started noticing the neighbourhood cat who's taken up residence in our garden.


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