The Check-Up.

This morning, us ladies headed to the doctor’s for C’s eight-month check up. Her grandfather weighs and measures her everytime we visit Gozo, and considering how small she was when she was born (she weighed in at 3.105kg when she was born at 37 weeks of pregnancy), she sure is catching up! Three weeks ago she weighed in at 9.45kg, and today she’s a whopping 10.16 kg (that’s 22.6 pounds!) All of a sudden the tight leggings, short sleeves and my aching arms make perfect sense.

Some things have changed since her last visit – without a shadow of a doubt, the most important change for me is that she now no longer brings up milk. It bothered me a lot, and I still can’t believe it’s actually over. It bothered me so much I actually wrote a post about it. Yes, it was a horrible 4+ months…

According to the HV, C’s doing great. She’s ‘chatty’, maybe too chatty at times – in fact she never stopped ‘talking’, blowing raspberries and giggling at people this whole morning and afternoon. She’s a cheerful girl, she enjoys attention being given to her and she loves hugs and kisses. She was smiling all the way through her visit, so much so that the HV ended up talking to her more than to me!

I was told to increase her food intake (according to the HV, 4/5 bottles of milk a day is a bit too much for C), I was reassured that her gagging on chunky bits did not mean that she was going to die (apparently the gagging sounds and facial expressions look much worse than it really is), I will therefore give her more finger foods, and I was told to start giving her milk from her sippie-cup. The whole point it seems is that by the age of one, she will not need bottles anymore and will instead be using cups only. C does hold a bottle but she still has not yet realized that she needs to tilt the cup forward to start drinking. More practice and practice heads C’s way!

She loves organic puffs!

Hello Pebbles Farrugia...yes, she's eating A BONE!!

Lady at leisure enjoying her bone and puff.

As a desert, she discovered Creme Caramel...and she loved it!

Cesca is still not too keen on crawling and walking though. She still hates her tummy-time, and will only tolerate a couple of minutes in that position before giving up, lowering her head on her arms and cry out in frustration. HV told me not to worry about that. As long as she gets enough time playing on her mat, with her toys, she’ll eventually get there. And in all honesty, I am in no real hurry for her to start being so dependent yet. She’s only 8 months old yet she’s growing up so fast that I sometimes feel as if I will miss something if I so much as blink my eyes. I got teary-eyed moving her from her Cocoon to her Footmuff, and it happened again when I had to admit that I could no longer delay changing her seating position from facing me to facing outwards. Till this day I still stop every couple of steps just to check in on her. She may be uber-excited about getting to see so much of the world from her pushchair, yet I miss seeing her all the time.

She loves taking the elevator, especially if it’s a voiced one telling us that we’re ‘going down’ or ‘going up’. She has recently discovered her fist and opens and closes it while I say ‘bye-bye’ to her. Her feet and toes fascinate her, and I’m thinking her third tooth will soon make an appearance considering her appetite is on the low ebb at the moment and everything, and I mean everything, goes into her mouth. No matter how cold it is outside and how much I try tucking her hands inside her footmuff, she always puts them out. She recognizes her name being called, has started giving me and A special smiles (at least that’s what we think) and loves playing peek-a-boo. She still loves music and lighting things – in fact we’ve just discovered that one of her favourite programmes is Concertino. Maybe a bit too boring for an 8-month old baby, but not for C. That programme is slowly becoming a favourite!

Once again, where is time flying to? My little baby is not so little anymore 😦


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