The Why? Post

  • Why wear sandals if you want to wear socks?
  • Why go out in short sleeves in cold weather, and then sport goosebumps that can be seen from the other side of the road?
  • Why wear mini-dresses and spend the whole evening tugging your skirt down?
  • Why wear a strapless bra with those ridiculous plastic straps showing over a strapless top?
  • Also, why wear a white bra under a sheer black top?
  • Why complain about something and then say “I didn’t want to say anything, but…” Erm yes, you wanted to, and you did!
  • Why put up signs on roads saying “Roads liable to flooding“? What do you want the driver to do – tie a dinghy on the top of his car?
  • Why do you add someone as a friend on Facebook when you don’t even say hello to them?
  • And talking about Facebook, why write your statuses in English when you don’t have an idea of basic spelling and grammar?
  • Why is it suddenly fashionable for women to shave half their hair off? If you like it short, go ahead with the whole thing!
  • Why do restaurants charge for extra ingredients added to a plate, but don’t deduct for ingredients you don’t want?
  • Why would anybody buy ready-made pasta ‘dishes’ in a tin?
  • Why would you move house and not notify your bank? Yes Mr. Roman, I received your bank statements. And I opened them. I even know your sort code.
  • Why do people use the word ‘miskina‘ (poor thing) so often? – “Miskina, she lives in England”, “Miskina, she’s so young”, “Miskina, she’s just had a baby”. (Yes, I had the last one said to me personally). And I’m sure Mau, you remember the infamous “Msieken (poor things), they’re pregnant” said to us at Arkadia last year…Of course it’s said loudly, right in front of you, so you most certainly hear it.
  • Why are motorway roads, from which millions of cars pass every year, in such a good state, while the handful of main roads we have in Gozo are in such a disastrous state, especially after rain? Let’s see if the new roads will last as long as the work on them is taking.
  • Why is the upper half of my body the first to lose weight and the lower half is the first to gain weight? Why not the opposite?
  • Why does it make me smile (on the inside) when I see the sheer look of panic on the faces of fellow airflight passengers when I sit down next to them with a baby?
  • Why is it that on the one time I do not take a nappy out with me, C has a poop-fest in her nappy?
  • Why do the emptiest bottles make the loudest noises?


I’m sure a Part II will soon follow…


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