I might just go a bit crazy…

Disclaimer: The following post contains the slight over-mentioning of baby-clothes and one-too-many images relating to the same. The author reserves the right to indulge in this crazy passion of hers, and will not be held responsible for the same or similar actions being exercised by her readers after reading this post.Β 

Like I’ve said before, C is outgrowing her clothes at a super-sonic rate. Clothes have stopped fitting her overnight. All of a sudden her outdoor clothes drawer is half empty.

So what better solution than to go out shopping and indulge?

(Also I’m inspired by the Haul Posts written by Claire and Alison. This post is a semi-haul and semi-haul-to-be post).

My mother was visiting last week and she started off the whole shopping vibe. She got her cute little things from Malta (I tell her not to because she’ll probably find them better-priced here, but what nanna doesn’t do that I guess?), and she bought her some trendy pieces for summer.

A baby jumpsuit, a white and light blue shirt with tan buttons, a coral polo-shirt and beige roll-up trousers!

We...erm, C, also got this present from my Aunt T. It's adorable!!

We also need new things for our Easter visit, and I love the combination of yellow and blue! If you visit Next and take a look at their baby range, I dare you not to want to buy everything off their racks! I’ve already eyed the following, and will buy them one by one, at a slow pace, so as not to alarm A πŸ˜‰

Oops wait, he reads this blog now :S

Then again he loves the combination himself, so I’m sure he’ll approve.

If I could, I'd buy C every pair of shoes that Next has! But I'm thinking that would cause a space problem πŸ™‚ I particularly love the blue espadrills!

And these beauties?

I can’t leave out Zara.

I love how they manage to take the key features of each season's style and insert them so elegantly into practical children's wear!

All of a sudden I need to get out of the house and hit the High Street!

Happy Friday dear readers and let’s hope it’ll be one with nice weather!!

xxx Jos


4 thoughts on “I might just go a bit crazy…

    • I know right?! You can imagine how it makes me feel lol πŸ™‚ The sweater dress is super-cute – I have to try it on her again soon, just to check whether she can start wearing it or not, before it fits her too short!

  1. I wish I was a kid again sometimes but with knowledge of what I am wearing. The clothes are so cute. I love that black polo dress !!!!!!! .. and pretty much everything else especially the tshirt with the girl printed on it from Zara.

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