Take a Moment to Read This…

I just got to know about this:

A little boy needs help and we can all do so in some way or the other.

Take a moment to read his mummy’s amazing strength in dealing with Grayson’s illness.

I did and I cried my heart out at the unfairness of it all.

Every little helps.

Clare wrote about it here, and listed several ways how you can help little Grayson.

If you live round the Kent area, please come and make a wonderful day out of it all, knowing you’re helping someone special. And if you want to share this post and raise more awareness of the event, please do so! Let’s try and help this little boy.

And please remember Grayson in your prayers.



3 thoughts on “Take a Moment to Read This…

  1. Sorry I have not commented on this I was for sure I had, I am so very thankful for this post, I can’t believe someone I have never even chatted with could do something so kind, I am sad you wont be able to attend the event, maybe we can meet another time, thank you again xx

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