Of being poorly :(

I hate when I’m feeling sick. Thankfully it doesn’t happen that often, but when it does I’m then in for a rough couple of days. My fear is of C contracting this virus I seem to have caught. So far she seems okay. Me on the other hand, not so much. I spent a horrible night with my head down the toilet seat, feeling cold and then feeling hot, unable to sleep and all in all, simply miserable! I could not even muster a sip of water and the food adverts on the television bothered me so much I had to go to bed. The Yankee Candle I had on did not help at all. Everthing was bothering me.

A quick call to Malta confirmed that I’d probably caught a virus. One of those viruses that is probably contagious, which means that A was on exclusive parent-duty today. I have to say I missed the normal day-to-day things C and I do together. To make things a hundred times worse, we had the most beautiful of days here in Canterbury. 15 degrees of sunshine, mild weather and blue skies. We could not stay in! A quick shower later we went for a walk in a park, we saw the ducks and since I was feeling a bit better, I even held C for a while 🙂 She even waved to the punters rowing on the lake and screamed a bit (she has lately developed a hoarser, louder type of scream – the type of scream that is a bit embarrassing in shops. Not so much in parks).

Then fatigue set in, the sort that comes after the terrible night I had and we’re now back home. The place is all opened up, the late afternoon sunshine is coming in through the windows and fresh air is filling up our home. I’m hoping that any germs which have settled in here are gone. Just shoo away!!

My lovelies x

Cesca and her poorly mummy!


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