The City of Lights x

“The last time I saw Paris, her heart was warm and gay,

I heard the laughter of her heart in every street café

The last time I saw Paris, her trees were dressed for spring,

And lovers walked beneath those trees and birds found songs to sing.

Oscar Hammerstein II, 1940

One (of the many) things I love about A and myself is that we are both up for nearly everything. We never dismiss the other’s ideas, and we try to do whatever it is we want to. For this reason we moved to England, we visit Malta as often as we can, we continued to travel till I was 33 weeks pregnant and I did the last journey on my own, and we try not to let anything faze us. I’m sure we get called crazy by nearly everyone behind our backs (only because we get called so to our faces), but we love the life we live.  So when a couple of weeks ago we were having a glass of wine on a Saturday night and I casually mentioned how I’d love to go back to Paris for a weekend, A went on his computer and came back ten minutes later, telling me that we had a return ticket to Calais. A couple of days later, we had a room booked as well.

I have to admit I told him that we were about to do a ‘gennata‘. The journey from Calais to Paris takes approximately three hours and doing this with a baby in tow was not the ideal journey setting. Add to this the memory of our last road trip to Paris when getting out of Paris on a Sunday evening proved to be a nightmare, and I suggested we do Lille instead. However I was easily convinced into choosing Paris, and it was there we went to last weekend.

And it was everything I’d wanted it to be. We ate great meat (we visited this place three times in as many visits to Paris. If you love a good slab of 5 week old meat, do go here!), we consumed macarons and crepes like there’s no tomorrow, drank some good wine, had a super-cooperative baby with us, we walked and walked (I have blisters as big as the moon) and we came back exhausted but truly content.  We stayed at the Latin Quarter, St. Germain de Pres to be exact. The place was buzzing at night-time, we saw crazy St. Patrick’s celebrations going on by the Irish in Paris and I’d definitely recommend this place for anyone to stay in. It’s very central and since we did not use the metro (because of C), we walked everywhere. My mistake was forgetting my comfy boots. I’m paying the price for that mistake.

So 700km of driving and about 20km of walking later, we’re back home. It’s great to arrive home after a long trip. But Paris will always be on our minds. And hearts x

Our first glimpse of the Eiffel Tower upon arriving.

Nothing special about this picture except I loved the lighted sign.

A definite must in Paris 🙂

We have already done the whole tourist-y visit round Paris before, and we weren’t that eager on visiting the sites again, only because of their possible being overly busy. However we decided to visit some sites again and have C take a picture there – we want to start making some memories for her to cherish when she grows up. The weather was not on our side because it was raining at times during Saturday and Sunday, and it got a bit chilly on Sunday, however we did our best. So here’s C, doing Paris 🙂

C and papa 🙂

Cheerful C at the Louvre!

L'amour, toujours x


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