Spring is in the air!

It comes for hours at a time. Then it goes away, hides for a day or two and then makes a spectacular return. We’re all waiting for it, quite eagerly! Every time we see it coming, I particularly get excited because it means change is coming about! We had it around us these past couple of days, except yesterday, but today it seems to have made a grand return.

Yes, spring is in the air.

Spring means freshness, crispness, blue skies, time to wash and store the winter coats, book a pedicure, paint your nails a lovely coral or pink colour, unearth your sunglasses and finally feel some warmth on your bare arms! I love this season – maybe because it follows winter or maybe because it’s the one season when the earth is blooming and everything seems that bit nicer. Life unfolds before our eyes and planet Earth is never more beautiful.

We had a great weekend. We did nothing special but A finally ended his Saturday morning working shift and that means that the weekend got longer for all of us. We received super super news on Saturday night, the type of news that we’ve been all waiting for for the past couple of months, and I am so happy. I baked a delicious Strawberry Layered Cake, which Char (Cakes by Xar) gave me the recipe to. It’s a great spring cake – you make excellent use of the delicious strawberries available right now! We went to eat at a friend’s house, we ate, we drank, we laughed and we are thankful. Cesca is nearing her 9-month mark – I can’t believe nearly been with us on the outside for as long as she was on the inside! I can’t imagine a life without her now.

I am in a happy place at the moment. I’m grateful, I’m appreciative, I’m thankful and I’m smiling.

Being so happy on a Monday morning must be a first!


Keep smiling and be happy. Exactly.


You can add as many layers as you wish and stack up the cake as high as you want! Thank you Cakes by Xar!!

I got these funky green jeans for C!

And I found this lovely blue and white blazer for myself.



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