2192 Days…

…of not hearing your voice.

…of not seeing you.

…of daily reminders on how cruel life can be.

A million tears shed. A million thoughts of you throughout these six years.

Six years is a long time, yet it sometimes still feels so fresh. I can barely remember what I did last week, but I remember each and every minute of that day.

2192 days without you. But I’ve had 2192 days of you with me as my constant guardian angel. You’re always here, I feel you with me, I hear your laughter, I see your smile and I know you’re with me now more than ever.

I miss you, I wish you were still here and I’ve wanted you to share in on each and every special moment I’ve had during these past six years.

And I somehow know that in a special way, you’ve been here with me all along.

Rest in peace dear daddy x


8 thoughts on “2192 Days…

  1. I know how you feel, though I lost my dad when I was 12- so 18 years ago. A long time has passed but it still hurts at times like it just happened yesterday (tearing up as I type this even ha!). As you said, sometimes we can’t remember what we did yesterday but I can still remember everything I did and felt that morning when my dad passed at home. Maybe because it was so unexpected and he died to young…something like that you never forget. But I dont’ want to forget to be honest. It never gets easier just stings a little less I suppose. Hope you’re okay.

  2. So beautiful said! You made me cry!! life is cruel but we always have the memories to keep us smiling…. he was a true man, may he rest in peace

  3. I feel for you, I really do. No matter how old they were when they passed or how long it’s been, the hurt and sorrow never leave. We get married have children and grow older, but they will always be mommy and pappy ( my pet name for my dad 🙂 )

    Thoughts and prayers for you hon, and he is there with you each and every minute 🙂

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