Of Holidays and Easter!

Tomorrow we start our Easter holidays. I can’t wait to get back to The Rock. I love spring and Easter and can’t wait to get there. The flight on the other hand, is a different thing. C has changed so much since our last flight six weeks ago. A and myself sometimes call her The Little Terror. She is not a moany baby, she rarely cries, she’s a strong girl, I’m thinking she’ll be an independent one in the future and is a little clown at times. She loves mirrors and giggles at her sight in them. But she is a handful. She never stops, her legs and hands are always moving about looking for new things to pull and tug. She wants to be constantly entertained and the flashier the better. She seems to have taken a bit of my character and throws a mini-tantrum when she does not get her way or we remove something from her hands/mouth. She now seems to have learnt how to ignore us when we ignore her protests to get out of the push-chair. Β Her latest thing is looking me straight in the eye when feeding her, giving me a smile and spitting her food out. And then continue eating as if my glasses, hair and clothes aren’t covered in food specks.

She is tiring and sometimes tries my patinece, very much so, but I would not have her any other way. It’s what makes her my little Cesca and I love her for that.

It’s the most interesting thing in the world seeing her character emerge and grow this way.

It’s also scary thinking how she’ll behave on tomorrow’s flight. Till now she was great on flights. But that was before tomorrow.

We’ll see.

My posts will be sporadic for the next fortnight since I have a million and one things to do on this holiday and I never find enough time to sit down calmly and write a post. So I hope you all have a happy Easter, full of good food, Easter eggs and beautiful weather wherever you are in the world!

Until next post, dear readers!


I love jelly beans and can never get enough of white chocolate. This Easter egg is simply made for me!! Will give you my verdict when tested πŸ˜‰


May your spring days be as colourful and fun as these delicious chocs!


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