Of holidays…

You can tell we’re on holiday. I’ve abandoned my Facebook, my daily blog reads, my hourly checking of news sites. I never seem to be at home here in Gozo. Instead we’re always out. I mean always. We barely have time to shower and change, with everything we’re trying to do, people we’re trying to meet and appointments we’re trying to keep.

But we’re having one hell of a blast!

Thanks to the grandparents we’ve managed a couple of proper date-nights. C has met more people here than she’s ever met in all her time in England and it feels great to reconnect with everything that’s familiar.  I have met old friends, met ‘new’ ones (Hello G!!) and met cute and adorable little babies (Hello Isaac, Estelle and Ela!) After the hustle and bustle that this holiday has been, I am secretely looking forward to our quiet English life!

Cesca has changed so much in these past eight days, but that’s another post for next week. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter – we all did 🙂

So have a great weekend – we have a jam-packed one before jetting back to England next Monday. It was nice meeting up with some of you, and if not, I’m soon back on The Rock.  Good times are coming up 😉

Till next time friends x


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