12 Days Later And We’re Back Home!

After twelve days on holiday, we’re back home. A couple of hours later than originally scheduled, but we made it. For the third consecutive flight back home, we’ve had all sorts of mishaps happening. In January our flight returned back to Malta after a small explosion happened on board after around fifteen minutes of flying. Last February we lost our flight and arrived home one day later than planned. And yesterday we landed in Stansted Airport instead of Gatwick Airport, meaning we had to spend an extra hour and half on board a coach just to get to Gatwick, due to an accident which happened on board a Virgin Atlantic flight.

I’m starting to slightly fear our next trip.

Unlike me, Cesca didn't mind the disruption we had yesterday. She had her own seat and seat-belt and slept the whole way to Gatwick. And woke up with a smile!

On a brighter note, Malta was great. The holiday passed in a jiffy and it was a real blast. I met friends’ and relatives’ babies, I met online bloggers (now that was a surprise Giselle!), I went to a baby shower on a Monday and the baby was born the following weekend, we went to a friend’s wedding and I met up with people I haven’t seen in over eight years, we ate and gorged on everything possible, we made use of Nanna Mo’s babysitting offers and managed some couple time, we met up with A’s ex-course-mates for dinner, spent a wonderful day in Malta where we lunched at the excellent Da Pippo in Valletta, had a divine hot white chocolate and strawberry cupcake at Angelica’s, caught up with friends and gossip, got a bit blonder (thanks Lara!!), and less hairier (thanks Lil!!) Exciting news was received, important decisions were taken and I can’t wait till we set the ball rolling!

We enjoyed the water fountains in St. George's Square in Valletta.

I can not imagine him in the middle of summer...poor thing!

The super-delicious strawberry cupcakes from Angelica's in Valletta! With fresh strawberries inside...yummy!!

One of the cutest places I've visited in Malta. I loved the attention to detail and the hot white chocolate!!

Valletta from Sliema on one of the few warm days we had there!

As far as C was concerned, we left for Malta when she had started saying ‘mama‘ over and over again. She’s now added ‘boom-boom’, ‘wa-wa‘ (especially when the radio’s on in the car) and ‘ma-ba’ or ‘mamba‘ – I’m not sure what she’s saying exactly but I’m thinking it’s her trying to join ‘mama‘ and ‘boom-boom’ together. She discovered balloons and spent an hour playing with one her Nanna Mo gave her. She is now officially a better eater than myself since she mustered the taste of fish and managed to keep it down on Easter Sunday (all thanks to Nanna Viv’s insistence. Poor child). Her new hobby is removing and throwing on the floor any spectacles she sees. She has now passed the 11kg mark and my poor back has started feeling the strain. She had her first haircut – more like a trimming of her original baby hair. She has started playing peek-a-boo, with one hand only, sort of waves goodbye (whenever she feels like it), and she hates being in her push-chair. The latter is really bothering me, because at times she spends the whole time in her push-chair straining against it, waiting for someone to pick her up. At least no cries or screams are involved. However it’s no less annoying, I’m telling you.

Cesca and her new BFF...

Thankfully, till now, she does not miss me nor show any sign of separation anxiety at any time whenever I leave her. She smiles to everyone, will let anyone hold her and is everyone’s friend as long as they keep her entertained. I’m hoping she stays like that as long as she can. If only to give me a break every once in a while.

I have just finished the unpacking, put C to sleep and am quietly having a cup of coffee before she wakes up and I have to start worrying what to cook because I have not been out all day. It’s the weather you see. I’m not sure what season we are in any longer because the view from my home suggests winter is on its’ way, not summer. We have had rain, hail and strong winds all day long. And to think we left a sunny England only two weeks ago!

I might just regret leaving my coats and boots in Malta…


2 thoughts on “12 Days Later And We’re Back Home!

  1. Those pictures remind me of when we were living in Malta. My daughter used to run through that fountain every time we were in Valletta! Love the view of Valletta from Sliema too, I never tired of taking photos of it at various times of day and night. I’m gutted I missed that cupcake shop, I did however have a love affair with Cara’s in St Julian’s – best cakes and mocha’s I’ve ever had! Infact my baby bump was mistaken for a cake belly for a good few weeks!

    • Ah yes Cara’s!! Next time you’re in Malta, do try Angelica. The shop itself is a cute one, and the owner is an ex-restaurant critic, so the expectations are high! She delivers though!

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