Planning a Lucky One!

I love planning. I’m always jotting down notes and ideas on every scrap of paper I find around. It therefore comes as no surprise that I’ve been planning C’s first birthday from when she was just over four months old. And now, five and a half months later, I think I’ve decided on the theme. Since she’s too young to actually want something specific, I can get away with choosing something she likes looking at, and building her party around that idea. So at the moment I’m busy looking up decoration ideas online, cake ideas and the lot.

C’s first birthday party will be her lucky birthday as well. However I’ve decided that she will have other lucky birthdays to celebrate later on in life – a one-year old will not appreciate nor enjoy his/her lucky birthday as he/she’s supposed to. So I was thinking C’s 11th birthday would be a good second lucky birthday. See, I told you I loved planning!

I’m telling you, I’m having a fun time!

P.S. You didn’t think I’d actually give away the theme I’ve decided on now, did you? 

It may all change next week!



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