I Need Your Help – A Year Later…

Remember how last year I had asked you, dear friends, for help and advice on how to plan A’s surprise birthday party?

Well believe it or not, that’s already been a year ago! I was six months pregnant then, I was starting to feel the weight and tiredness was kicking in hard and fast. Fast forward one year, and we now have a nearly ten-month baby girl, and papa’ has his birthday coming up again. Time is passing!

At that time, this blog was not public at all. I mean not even he knew about it. Which ensured that the party remained a secret till the very end (nearly). This time round there will be no secret planning, no surprises. Instead we’ve decided to invite a couple of good friends round for nibbles, drinks and hopefully, a fun time. The number of guests will be much less than last year (we do not own a mansion here in England), but we’re hoping it’ll be a success!

And here comes my request for help. Again.

I’m looking for any dips/salad/party food recipes you might have or know of. I’ve already found some dips I will make, but my main problem is that they nearly all include cheese or tomatoes in some way or form – some have goat’s cheese, others halloumi, others fresh tomatoes. And my problem is that A does not like cheese or tomatoes. I will be making nibbles with cheese in them, but I do have to think about the Birthday Boy himself. So I have got my work cut out for me.

So if you can help me, I’d really appreciate it!

Of course the dessert has already been planned 🙂

Now all I need is C’s co-operation on Thursday, Friday and Saturday!


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