A Film Watched and a Party to Plan…

Good morning everyone! It’s finally the weekend and the weather here is still the same. Clouds, winds, rain, and the overly predominance of the colour grey :/ However, I’m hoping it’ll be a great day today. It’s A’s birthday in a couple of days and we’ve invited some friends over tonight for a small do. We had originally thought of an outdoors BBQ (hah, the joke would have been on us!!), but we’ve decided on an inside party, with food, drinks and good company. Husband insists it’s not his birthday party, but rather a gathering of friends. You see, he hates his birthdays. Unlike me, who strangely enough considering my age, I still love them. Maybe because I love receiving the well wishes and of course, the gifts!

As usual I tend to go a bit overboard with the planning and buying of things. Thanks to your help from a couple of posts back, I’ve decided on a menu for tonight, and apart from the chipotle peppers I’ve looked everywhere for (Waitrose, M&S and Asda – I’ll have husband pop by Tesco’s to see whether they stock this blessed ingredient), I’m all set. Our fridge and cupboards have never been fuller, and I’m soon off to start. With the baking of course!

Yesterday evening we watch a film we’ve been putting off for a couple of weeks now. One weeks we had friends over, another we were to tired to bother watch it, another week we were on The Rock. Yet yesterday we saw managed to see The Descendants, featuring George Clooney, for which he received several nominations, although I think he lost them all to The Artist (please don’t tell me you haven’t seen it yet!! I did and loved it!) The film is all about Clooney’s character, set on the islands of Hawaii and featuring the problems of one family, which problems seem to come all loose upon the occurrence of one accident. You can actually feel Clooney’s character drowning in all the trouble he suddenly faces, and although it’s a sad film, it’s still uplifting and ends up on a hopeful note. Don’t expect a polished George Clooney, in fact be prepared to see him as deglamorized as you’ll probably ever see him (those shirts George, those shirts!) It’s a film about hurting, healing and learning to let go.

Here’s a peek:



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