Take-Me-Back Tuesdays!

I love hearing ‘old’ songs – songs that I loved and still do. They might be considered cheesy by the mainstream, tacky by the music connoisseurs, and horrible by the majority of you. But I don’t care. I loved these songs once upon a time. They brought a smile on my face, I learnt their lyrics, I imagined the singer was singing this song to me, I danced to these songs, I fancied the pants off the actors in the videos (as is the case in this first one I’m posting) and they hold so many memories.

So every Tuesday, I’ll be posting a retro* hit. And I’m hoping it’ll take you back as well. If you want to share your memories to these songs, please do share!!

I was 14 when this song came out. I had a crush on Jack Noseworthy, was extremely jealous of Carla Cugino, and hated Keri Russell. I have to admit, I still sing this song out loud in the shower. That way, I can never ever forget the lyrics 🙂

Always – Bon Jovi



* retro doesn’t necessarily mean songs from decades ago. Just songs which aren’t necessarily known (or liked) by today’s teenagers. And if that means I have tastes dissimilar to today’s youths, thank God for that!


4 thoughts on “Take-Me-Back Tuesdays!

  1. Great idea! I once tried doing a few post themes each week on my blog and in the end they fell to the wayside. Hopefully one day i’ll get back to it ;o)

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