Our Italian Weekend!

Hi again dearest friends! How was your weekend? Ours was spent in Rome, where we spent three days overindulging on everything good and beautiful. We combined yesterday’s Bank Holiday here in England, A’s birthday last week and mine next week, and gave ourselves a nice Italian treat.

Rome is beautiful. No words can truly explain the charm the city has, the beautiful long and narrow roads full of special surprises – the one-roomed small boutique, the small ‘trattoria’ with its’ singing waiters, the delicious smells of freshy-cut mortadella and parmeggiano. The people are loud, roudy and brusque, but with a kind heart, especially when it comes to babies and small children. Grandmothers, street workers, waiters, school-children, teenagers – they all stopped to say hello to C, seemed fascinated by her constant kicking and moving around. C basked in all the attention she got – of course, and she laughed, she coo-ed, she made the annoying sound she seems into at the moment, and of course she screamed. And the Italians loved it. No restaurant patron or owner gave us half a hard look when C got a bit loud at times. And this is because they’re loud as well. But loud in a charming way, a warming way that puts a smile on your face and makes you feel at home.

We wanted to relax so we didn’t plan any to-do or to-see list. We did what we always love doing – we walked without any direction whatsoever. We would end up in side-streets and suddenly find ourselves in the Pantheon or Piazza Navona. C discovered her love of fountains, perhaps of water to be more precise. She stared for minutes at end at the numerous fountains in Rome and tried touching the water as well. The only minus are the cobblestone streets that is Rome. Not perfectly ideal when pushing a pushchair the whole time. But we managed! The other minus is the incredible amount of immigrants selling everything you could possibly think of. When it rained on Sunday, they came out like cockroaches all bearing umbrellas and bothering people to buy one off them. But then I guess that’s one of the most serious problem today in every city.

As expected the food was perfect. There is no frills when it comes to their way of cooking. They use simple ingredients and manage to create perfect dishes using nothing else except the bare necessities. Cheeses, meat, wine, ice-cream, the torte, coffee, pasta – everything is so good! I love how the Italians don’t bother to copy other cuisines – they know their own and stick to it! We avoided the ‘touristy’ places to dine – the places where the waiters descend upon tourists offering them the  tourist set menu. The best restaurants are the small, weathered-looking ones you find in the side alleys of Rome. Everything was good, fresh and so tasty! My tight trousers are evidence to this.

We still have to go through the numerous photos we took. But here’s a small pick 🙂

Circle or square, the choice is yours!

Fancy an Angelina?

Discovering the biscotti!


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