What is the Secret?

Cesca’s over 10 months old now. She seems to be up to something new each day. Whilst not crawling yet, she’s managing to move herself (a little bit) on her behind. I can not trust her anywhere except sitting down on the floor-mat or seated in her belted chairs. Just this week I left her alone on the sofa for a minute, heard a terrible boom and found her on the floor. She cried like never before for a couple of minutes, but was back to her normal self within no time. And just today I nearly-avoided another falling down incident, this time involving her changing unit.

Trying not to look…

She waves goodbye, not all the time but just when she feels like it. She yells out ‘mama’ when she’s angry or frustrated, and looks out for her papa whenever I use the word ‘papa’. She lets out a funny giggle whenever ‘milk’ is mentioned and now wants to feed herself her bottle. Except whenever she realizes that someone is holding her bottle for her, she lets go immediately and lets the adult do the work. She ‘kisses’ me by grabbing my face and shoving hers into it (quite painful for me!) She seems fascinated by my  eyelashes and hair, and always want to pull out one or the other.  She loves grabbing anyone’s attention, and will coo and giggle when someone talks to her – quite a female. As always, her favourite time is bath-time. She can spend forever in her bath, playing on her toys, sucking on the bottles and splashing around. This does bode well for a summer in Malta!

The soapier the better!

My wet doll x

We’ve just done our second Sing and Sign Class. It’s a great opportunity for C to meet other babies and me to encounter other people just like me. Her favourite part of the whole class is when the teacher hands out the rattlers and other music-making instruments and we all sing to their noises. Sometimes she’s just too bored to bother and instead of following the teacher’s signing, she’ll look the other way at her neighbouring friend and giggle at him/her. Or chew on a mummy’s shoe as she did the first time round.

She loves shiny toys, loud toys and if they light up AND make noises together, that’s just perfect. I got all teary-eyed this week when she started crying when I took her books away from her! I’m hoping the apple didn’t fall to far away from the tree. Her appetite is a healthy one, till now at least. Surprisingly, she loves lamb with couscous (I hate lamb and never cook it, yet she loves the organic jar version of it!) Fruits remain her favourite, and she now does eat green things – so peas and beans are back on the menu. Dessert and snack time is a messy time. I try and put everything in her bowl and let her eat out of there. However Cesca’s favourite thing in the world is grabbing the bowl, emptying the contents everywhere and nibbling on the bowl instead. So now I put everything on the high-chair tray and let her fend for herself. The mess is sticky and everywhere.

I can’t wait to get started on these tonight!

Some bananas, biscuits and cheese puffs for the floor to taste :S

Yet one thing which eludes me is her night-time bottle. Last week she managed to sleep through the nights for three nights in a row. Yet this week she’s waking up again for her bottle – sometimes as early as 1am and other times it’ll be past four in the morning. She takes her bottle and falls asleep without any trouble at all, yet I can not understand why some nights she can go without and at others she wants her milk so badly. Mind you, she only drinks 4-5oz when she wakes up during the night, but that seems enough to put her back to sleep. She’s out and sleeping by 8pm and wakes up again at 8am, so one brief wake for her bottle is not bad, I know. Last night was a fussy night as apart from her 1am bottle, she woke up twice more for her dummy, and then spent from 5am-6am making sounds in her cot. She still sleeps in her cot in our room, so waking up to feed her is not any real trouble, but I’d like to get her to sleep through the night.  Her food/milk consumption is quite constant so it’s not her being fuller or hungrier. I just don’t know. I’ve been trying increasing her dinner and giving it to her later in the evening (NOT a good idea), increasing her last bottle (didn’t work), tiring her out just before bed (she just got more energetic it seemed!) and not giving her her afternoon nap. Nothing makes a difference.

There probably isn’t a secret. I know some babies do and others don’t. But if there is one, I sure would like to know it!

Any help dear readers?


7 thoughts on “What is the Secret?

  1. Re the nighttime bottle, what she’s telling you is that she’s waking up for it simply out of habit. If she can manage nights without it, then she no longer needs it (esp once you’re saying she doesnt drink much). Take the chance now to crack the habit. Reduce that nighttime bottle to 3 and then 2oz, then switch it to water. Chances are you wont even need to go that far because she’ll get the hint and not bother waking up for it at all. This was our “secret” xx

    • Thanks for your words Clare! Yes, it’s purely out of habit that she’s waking up at night for it. I started at 8, went down to 7 and then 5, but for some reason stopped there. Tonight I’ll try 3oz, see how that goes.

  2. I agree with Clare, although miraculously (i don’t want to jinx it!) R has slept through the night since the introduction of naps. I also find a bedtime routine helps to give her the message it’s time for bed. Ours includes some quiet play with Maia after her bath…it’s when I get some time to finish cooking dinner. See what works for you and good luck!x

    • The little monkey slept all through last night! I’m thinking that apart from her being used to expecting a bottle when she wakes up, I may be at fault as well by overdressing her bed. I tried something different last night, and it seems to have worked!

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