Our Weekend!

Good morning friends! It’s a sunny Monday morning here – still windy, and the clouds are ever-present but at least I can open the house up and let some fresh air in.

After our busy last weekend, we were determined to have a quiet and relaxed one. We did nothing out of the ordinary. We headed off to the centre to make most of the warm weather after the disastrous winter days we have been having. We drank some chilled beer, we had to share our sparkling water with C, we played in the park and we had a fun time 🙂

Fun-time in the park, spent saying ‘baba’ who whoever passes. I think it’s ‘bye-bye’, A thinks it’s ‘papa’ 🙂

Enjoying the sun on papa! But I have to start applying the sun-cream on her, she’s already darker than me!!

We gave her a cone with some yoghurt in it. Seconds after this picture was taken, the cone was crushed to pieces. Bad idea!

Bath-time ensued. She loves her baths 🙂

Yesterday Mother’s Day was celebrated in Malta. Here in England it’s celebrated in March so I got to have a double celebration. Dearest hubby made me a lovely breakfast (which we had to share with C of course. That girl can not watch us eating without wanting in on some of the food!), the weather was sunny if a bit windy and we got to go for a walk.

We A decided to make fresh pasta yesterday so we decided on smoked Parma ham and mushroom ravioli. We’ve been watching Two Greedy Italians you see, and if you follow the programme you will understand how after one hour of that show, all you want to do is don your baking apron and cook! We found the ingredients at our local Carluccio’s and A proceeded to make them.

After the last time we made fresh pasta I promised never to attempt them again because the mess was so sticky and everywhere. But this time round, we managed much better and the result was even tastier!

The Making of the Ravioli

Our first!

More followed!



And my favourite picture of the whole weekend?


I hope all the mothers had a great day yesterday, showered with love! Mine was 😉


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