Trying Out New Things!


Cesca’s appetite is a healthy one, till now at least. She can not see anyone drink or eat anything without wanting to share in on the fun.

Her typical lunch menu looks something like this. Well this is how it starts off anyways….



Because this is how it looks by the end of lunch. And be sure that she’ll finish off everything she left by the time dinner’s ready.



We’ve tried new hairstyles. Not really successful because she was constantly removing her pigtail and being left with a mohawk-looking style instead.



We’ve been slowly stocking up for things we will need for a summer in Malta. She didn’t let me try anything on her in the shop. But surprisingly enough she left her new hat and sunglasses on for the whole evening. We couldn’t stop laughing at her eating and chatting away in her new gear!




She’s a funny girl, and during this particular week we’ve seen her trying out and doing so many new things. She now pronounces her ‘g’ and ‘d’, so ‘mama’ is a bit outdated and she prefers ‘gaga’ (not the singer hopefully!) and ‘dam-dam-dam’. She waves bye-bye whenever she feels like it (of course never on demand), and now spends hours playing with her toys, chatting to them and doing funny hand and facial expressions! When she sees her papa’ coming in from work, her face lights up, she ‘jumps’ into his arms and nuzzles his face. If you ask her where her papa’ is, she will look directly at him and smile. If you ask her where mama is, nothing. I can’t hide my jealousy here :S She has a newfound fascination with ears and will turn your face to the side to explore your ear. There’s always something funny going on with Cesca it seems 🙂


2 thoughts on “Trying Out New Things!

  1. Wow she eats very well. I am a little jealous. Mine are such awful eaters.
    What gorgeous Dark hair. It’s hard with girls when their hair is just not long enough. Addy’s looks a mess all the time.
    Love the sunnies x

    • Till now I can’t complain, though I know that can change overnight! She takes after her father with the colouring and hair texture lol. I’ve given up on tying her hair. We’re back to hair bands and clips 🙂

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