Thirty-Two and Grateful!

I’ve turned 32 today, and I’m grateful for that. I meant to write a post about 32 things I’m grateful about in my life, but that’s probably not going to work out. So I’ll start my list and see how far I can go 🙂

  1. I’m grateful for my health. When you open your eyes in the morning thank God you’re still here. Believe me, don’t take it for granted.
  2. I’m grateful for being able to wake up in the morning with a wonderful man besides me.
  3. I’m grateful for waking up to baby noises right next to me.
  4. I’m grateful for having this wonderful man in my life. It’s not easy being my partner, but I somehow managed to find the man with the perfect levels of patience and affection, and he feels the same about me! Go figure 🙂
  5. I’m grateful that he shares my love of everything really. I love how I can suggest something at a whim, and he’ll take me up on it. I love how he gets me, even when I find it difficult to do so myself.
  6. I’m overtly grateful for being a mummy. It can be a tough road for some, and that has made me appreciate motherhood more.
  7. I’m grateful for having Cesca as my baby girl. She’s our little munchkin, full of character, noises, her share of trouble at times, and she’s perfect, healthy and happy.
  8. I’m grateful that I’m able to hear her laughter, see her smile and feel her wet kisses on my face.
  9. I’m grateful for having a loving family. I have a beautiful, caring mother, a younger brother who makes a great uncle, and I have my father who’s always with me.
  10. I’m grateful for A’s family. They’re my second family and I love them dearly.
  11. I’m grateful for having some great people in my life. I’ve learnt that being miles apart is nothing when it comes to real friendship.
  12. I’m grateful for being able to visit The Rock as often as I do. I get to see my family and they get to see mine.
  13. I’m grateful for this time I’ve spending living in England. I love this country, the people and their manners, and I think that I’ve learnt a lot.
  14. I’m grateful for being able to raise my family as I deem fit, irrelevant of what others think.
  15. I’m grateful for being able to spend this time with Cesca and sharing such precious time together as we do.
  16. I’m grateful for books and the immeasurable hours of pleasure they give me.
  17. I’m grateful for Skype. I can talk to my family for hours and feel as if I’ve not missed out on a thing.
  18. I’m grateful for internet shopping – not so much for bank cards…
  19. I’m grateful for discovering the world of blogs. I’ve made new friends, I’ve discovered some amazing reads out there and I can’t imagine living without!
  20. I’m grateful for social media networks. They may be addictive, I may be an addict, but I love keeping up with everything that’s going on!
  21. I’m grateful for Baby TV. Yes, I know their schedule by heart and I am sick of their programmes, but they entertain C and that’s enough.
  22. I’m grateful that my husband is a dentist. Enough said.
  23. I’m grateful for sugary treats. They make me happy. And A, vide previous bullet-head.
  24. I’m grateful that I’m the outspoken one in our relationship. It helps at times, I’m telling you 🙂
  25. I’m grateful for organic baby food jars. I don’t always have the time, ingredients or will to prepare C’s food. They do come in handy at times.
  26. I’m grateful for TV programmes like Jeremy Kyle. They make me appreciate how normal I am.
  27. I’m grateful for justice in the world. What goes around comes around.
  28. I’m grateful for music. It soothes my mind, cheers me up and takes me to different times and places.
  29. I’m grateful for living in a time and age when one can share their opinions and make their views heard and seen without the fear of persecution. It seems hard to believe that that was once the exception, not the rule.
  30. I’m grateful for having you all in my life and being able to use this medium to communicate with you.
  31. I’m grateful for having a date-night planned tonight. As much as I love spending time with C, I am looking forward to a friend coming to pick C up for the night 😉
  32. I’m grateful for having a roof over our heads, food in our cupboards and love in our hearts. Nothing else really matters.

Aha, I made it!

Thank you all for your comments and well wishes. I may not be 18 anymore (though I still feel like that age at times!), but I’m finally comfortable in my own skin. That’s not too bad, I’m telling you 😉

xxx Jos


14 thoughts on “Thirty-Two and Grateful!

  1. Happy Birthday Dearest, you’re so right in saying that we need to be grateful! for every second of our lives!!!

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