Sunny Skies Please!

Good morning all! Thank you so much for all your wishes yesterday. I truly enjoyed reading each and every one of them. They made turning 32 more bearable 🙂

We plan on having a barbeque later on today, weather permitting. When I write that I am SICK of this weather, I’m not lying. We’ve been having weeks of grey weather, rain and wind. I’ve never known myself going out on my birthday with a scarf and jacket, yet yesterday I was wearing both. A gave me some good news this morning – apparently nicer, hotter weather is on its’ way. One can only hope. The parks are green and fresh, and it’s a real pity I can’t let Cesca go out of her push-chair because of the wind. Or rain. So fingers crossed we’ll have a better forecast next week!

‘Hope’ being the key word.

I’ll post some pictures and a better write-up of this weekend next week.

Have a safe and great (and sunny) weekend xxx





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