Our (Birthday) Weekend!

Apart from last Friday being my birthday, it was also the first adult date A and myself had here in England, which didn’t involve C. Our friends have been asking me to leave C with them for a while (they absolutely love her, bless them), so Friday seemed the perfect day. We dropped her off at their place, and she flew into their arms (it seems she couldn’t go to them sooner enough!) Also, she didn’t even look at us any differently when we were waving bye-bye and I was secretly wishing she’d show some signs of separation anxiety. But she didn’t even bat an eyelid. She turned her back on us and basked in the attention our friends gave her. I’m thankful but honestly, I’d wish for some drama on her part – you know, some crying or a sign that she actually misses the people who are with her 24/7. But we got nothing.

Dinner was perfect. A very romantic setting in a barn used as a farmers’ market during the day. The food as always was fresh and delicious and we had a lovely time. On Saturday we managed to organize a barbeque at our place, and we all watched the Champions League final. Well the boys did. Us girls chatted and gossiped 🙂

All in all it was a lovely weekend. As long as we get to spend some time as a family, there’s nothing better than that really.

This is the weekend in (some) pictures:

My birthday menu 🙂

Yes, I was a bit tired!

As was the husband 🙂

I had the steak as a main. It was so delicious!!

A chose the hake and razor-clams.

I baked a Coffee and Walnut Cake!

By the end of the weekend, little Miss Marple was exhausted 🙂


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