Sunny Days…

You know when you’re happy for no particular reason at all?

Today is one of those days for me. I woke up feeling happy. I’ve woken up, cleaned up the place, showered, did my hair, fed C, she’s now playing and I’m running around bare-foot and in a skirt – without tights! It’s a bit hazy outside, but it’s hot weather. C has her Sing and Sign class later on in the day, and tonight a friend of mine and myself have a date with Johnny Depp. We’re watching Dark Shadows. Vampires AND Johnny Depp? There’s no thinking about that one really!

Johnny’s always a welcome sight šŸ™‚

I’ve just painted my toe-nails a beautiful coral and opted for a nude colour for my finger-nails. Of course my horrible pale colouring ruins the whole summery image I’m trying to project thanks to months of covering up. In fact C is darker than I am! I’m hoping that will change next week (my colouring, not C’s!)

So I’m hoping you’re having a wonderful day. I’m hoping you’re smiling a lot and laughing even more. Make this day a beautiful one. Remember, it’ll never come back again!

xxx Jos

There was no real idea behind this post. Just one of those things that came out of my head and onto my computer. But then there shouldn’t be an excuse to be cheerful and write about it, is there šŸ˜‰


6 thoughts on “Sunny Days…

  1. Ah what a nice post…just what I needed. My neck froze this morning so I’m stuck on the sofa with the massager. Thankfully my parents came to the rescue and took the kids. Enjoy the rest if it…it’s always a good day when you’ve showered before noon!

  2. what a nice sunny post jo! we are having a particular day here, what i like to call a ‘bonnet’ day – crazy woman in a corner rocking back and forth wearing a bonnet. thank god e calmed down and went to sleep. so the bonnet is off! enjoy the rest of your day!
    i washed my hair too – but its in a curly mess. i need to get it cut, straightened or something!

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