Sunny Days and Dark Shadows!

Those of you who follow me here and on my Facebook page, know that I was in a real jolly state yesterday. I was smiling all the time, I was laughing for no reason at all and the day was a wonderful one as a result. The reason of my giddiness I do not know. I’m still on this high today, and with the weekend coming up, I have good reason to 🙂

Most probably, the weather is the reason. I see the sun and I’m a happy girl. After the dumps that was English weather for these past couple of weeks, this week has been nothing short of beautiful. We have been out walking, we’ve been eating ice-cream and we’re all wearing summery outfits. What is there to not be happy about?

Back to yesterday.

We had C’s Sing and Sign class and this time I had to take her out ten minutes before it ended because she was crying WITH tears and I couldn’t stop her. I’m thinking it was the over-heated room we were in,  because once we were outside she was back to chatting and playing as if nothing had happened. She’s making the acquaintances of lovely babies, but I’m not sure she really knows what’s going on. She doesn’t really bother with them, she’s so wrapped up in her own little world she will just give them a look and continue playing or looking around. Whether it helps her or not, I’ve a clear conscience that I at least tried. They’re fun classes, I enjoy the singing and playing. And I think (at least, hope) that C does as well.

Afterwards we went to the centre for some ice-cream in the park. I then wanted to go to Monsoon for some Jubilee celebrations. They were offering champagne, orange juice and strawberries at their shop, together with a 30% discount and a free bag when purchasing! I needed no further reason to go do some shopping as you can imagine. What made me smile was the ‘organized’ way everything was set up in. You see, if something like this had been done in Malta I can tell you what would have happened. Things would have gone something like this: people shoving to get to the free drinks and nibbles, empty glasses everywhere and no manners whatsoever. Whereas here people were actually queueing to get their drinks – when the table was already set up for people to help themselves!

Summer’s arrived here in Kent!

In the evening a couple of friends and myself went to watch Dark Shadows with Mr. Depp himself. C was left with papa’ and I got no messages/calls from home so I could relax. The film was a good one to watch. If you plan on seeing it, don’t take it too seriously and go with the flow of the film. I love the Tim Burton/Johnny Depp combination, and of course as ever, Helena Bonham-Carter featured as well. The film is mainly featured in the 1970s so be prepared for some real classics – Moody Blues, Alice Cooper and Berry White. The costumes are beautiful and the make-up even more. Johnny Depp was wonderful and quite sexy (apart from the geeky hairdo he has going on), Michelle Pfeiffer is still as beautiful as ever, and Eva Green is simply great. Apart from Johnny Depp (of course),  Eva Green was my favourite actor. She plays the evil Angelique, and is simply perfect. Her movements, her way of speaking and her evil glare make her the most-hated and yet so-enticing character of the film.

Does she look evil enough here?

So if I were you, I would watch it, if nothing then just to see the actors and hear the great music this film features. It has flaws, sometimes it felt as if something were missing, and it’s definitely not the greatest film Tim Burton has given us. But the visuals are great and the setting is great to look at. As is Johnny Depp 😉

And this song features in the beginning of the film. My father had the Moody Blues’ LP and I loved listening to this song. It is just magic!


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