Come Together!

It seems the over-joyous mood I was in on Thursday spread right through the weekend. These past two days were perfect. We did nothing special really, but everything seemed to come together – the perfect weather, a super-cheerful baby and special times.

We switched to summer gear!

We started watching The Iron Lady on Friday night, but had to stop midway through due to A sleeping AND snoring during the film. That is one I’ll have to continue watching on my own. On Saturday morning, A took Cesca with him to buy some fish at Whitstable, and left me for a good couple of hours all alone at home. I washed my hair, straightened it, did my make-up, tidied up the place and was eagerly awaiting their return to go the centre. We met up with friends and had some chilled beers in an outdoor garden in one of the cafeterias there. The sun was shining and it was a good time.

In the evening we had a BBQ, drank Mojito‘s and watched the Eurovision Song Contest. After Malta’s performance and placing, really it is about time the Maltese committee stop taking this show so seriously and instead send the silliest and inappropriate song. I mean look at Russia!

Sunday we planned to go to London, but Miss Cesca woke up at 5.30am, probably thought it was 9.00am and was chatting and kicking away in her crib. By the time she fell asleep again, it was past six, so we cancelled our plans and instead went to Hythe. This village is one of my most favourite places. The pebbly beach, the long promenade, the ice-cream trucks, the one restaurant there specialising in fish and beer – it’s a beautiful place. I tried to get a suntan (and my red, itchy arms prove that THAT was a success!), and C got her taste of the sea. She was so fascinated by the pebbles that she was trying to eat them all. An ice-cream and long walk later, we headed back home where we had lunch at a pub outside, drinking the obligatory Pimm’s, and basking in the beautiful weather.

She discovered pebbles yesterday 🙂

Pimm’s in the Sun 🙂

The only dark spot marring this whole weekend, is that C has now taken a liking to sleeping on her side, and since doing so she has been waking up much more frequently. Mind you, it’s only for her dummy, but these last two nights have been different than usual to say the least! The heat is also another reason, especially since she really feels the heat poor thing – and to think I’m taking her to Malta for the summer!!

We now leave for The Rock in a couple of days. I really hope my itchy arms stop soon – I under-estimated the English sun you see, and ended up with burnt arms and shoulders. My legs had to remain covered though – I haven’t seen the beautician yet 🙂

Have a great Monday wherever you are. Make it a good one – the start of a greater week 😉

xxx Jos


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