When Karma’s All There Is…

Yesterday started off a good day as any other.

By noon, that had changed.

There is no reasoning with the ignorant person, the person who does not understand or who pretends not to understand, the person who believes his/her lies so much that s/he loses touch with reality. The person who with one sentence can hurt you like no one ever has in your whole life and then has the audacity to ask you for an apology. The only word I can think to describe such people are ‘crazy’.

Hubby managed to calm me down and stop answering the person’s emails which she was sending me. At that moment I wanted to continue answering back and giving her what she deserved, but looking back at it now, I am grateful that he made me stop after one email. There is no reasoning with such people. 

My only hope now lies with karma. Karma’s never let me down in the past, and I’m praying it’ll do its’ finest work now.


4 thoughts on “When Karma’s All There Is…

  1. Oh boy this doesn’t sound good. I can understand though how you felt you wanted to keep going and send more emails etc. I’m the same way. Glad you were able to calm down though and perhaps ‘be the bigger person’. Like you said, Karma will come, it can be a bitch lol

  2. Your silence can hurt more than your words ever could…what goes around comes around so I am sure justice will prevail. Xxx

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