Our Jubilee Weekend…

As much as we love visiting Malta, we can’t deny that it’s always a tiring visit. This time round, apart from the very VERY early departure, we had a busy couple of days. As much as I tried to plan out everything, it seemed that the important appointments were all held on Monday afternoon. On the way back, we tried out a new airline, Thomas Cook, and we found it really good. Cesca slept the whole way through, as she does on every trip. I forgot my book at home, so had to spend three hours reading the inflight magazine and watching a film I had already seen. We arrived here in England in good time, we quickly visited the supermarket before it closed (it was a holiday here yesterday), unpacked, cooked and were sleeping by ten.

The weather is nothing like we left it. We’re back to long sleeves and we also had to unpack the thick duvet cover just because the house was a bit cold from five days of closure. This morning the wind’s at it again and it looks like it might rain at any minute. Definitely not the weather we had in Malta!

I did miss the Jubilee celebrations, and watched them on TV whenever I had the chance. I love the way the English went all-out when it came to patriotic costumes, parties and celebrations. Whatever one’s ideas are about the Queen, you can’t help but marvel at this 86 year-old lady who although privileged, did not have an easy life or reign. Another interesting part of the celebrations were looking out for the dresses the Royals wore. I particularly loved Kate’s red outfit. She never seems to get it wrong, not ever.

Royalty for a day 🙂

We now have three weeks before we’re back on The Rock. It’ll be C’s first birthday then, and we’re organizing a small family-do at our place. I’ve come to realize that you can make as big a party as you want to, even for a one-year old who will have no idea of what’s going on. I don’t want anything too fancy or elaborate.. What I’m really looking forward to is the ‘quccija‘. It’s a Maltese tradition where a one-year old baby is presented with a number of items, each one representing a different career. The idea is that the first item the baby picks will be the baby’s chosen path in life.

I’m thinking the bigger, shinier and loudest item that will be amongst the pick, will be her choice. We’ll see 🙂

Dear friends, I did not forget about my Take-Me-Back Tuesdays! post that was due yesterday. But yesterday was busy and hectic so I gave it a miss. I’ll be back to normal next Tuesday 🙂


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