When It Rains, It Pours!

These past few days, things seem to be going wrong. It seems that all the positive energy and happy happenings I was having a couple of weeks back, have now inverted themselves into a string of unfortunate events. Nothing serious has happened (yet) but I am now double-checking everything and it’s driving me a bit mad.

Mad as in crazy, not angry.

  • First there were C’s red spots. On the day we left The Rock, she developed three small spots on her face. By the time we arrived home, three had become ten, and we were very worried that it could turn into chicken pox. We called C’s grandfather, we sent him some pictures, and he told us to be on the look-out just in case they changed colour, became blisters or increased in number. From then onwards the spots have remained the same. They haven’t spread to anywhere else on her body or grew. So we’re mildly reassured it isn’t the pox but simply a rash she got from Gozo.
  • Then I happened to bump the centre of my knee right into the pointiest corner of our living-room table. Yes, it was THAT painful. And although all I have is a small red mark on my knee, I can’t touch it without wincing and I’m hoping the pain will ebb away soon. It has been two days already.
  • These woes have extended themselves to the kitchen. I have made a rice salad using basmati rice instead of long grain rice. When I noticed that the sticky blob of rice was not the fluffy kind it always came out as, I realized my mistake. I had to start over and boil some long grain rice. Which I did with too little water and which I forgot about. The result was sticky-blob-of-rice number 2, this time slightly charred. Pitta bread saved my day, our dinner and the small pride I have in the kitchen.
  • I’ve also recently bought green peppercorns instead of the capers and only found out about the mistake when I tasted them in our salad and spat them out, rather unladylike I have to say. I still don’t know what do you use green peppercorns for?!
  • Another episode was loading my washing machine with towels and taking them out again after an hour or so to hang. Only to realize that they were rather dry for a freshly-washed load. I then realized that I forgotten to press the ‘Start‘ button.
  • I recently started selling some of mine and mainly C’s clothes online, knowing that neither one of us will wear such items again. On the first day I listed ten items, all at once and let the bidding start. About an hour before the bidding was to end, I realized that I had inserted the wrong email address as my Paypal address. And when there are bids on items and/or the bidding is soon to end, you can not edit your listing. I then had to message each and every buyer and explain to them my mistake and instruct them how to continue with payment. I was all stressed out by the end of it.
  • And looking into my purse I’ve just realized that I’ve booked my hair appointment at a time and day when I’m not even going to be on The Rock.

When it rains, it pours!

Image taken from laceysstateofmercies.blogspot.co.uk

Please tell me I’m not alone and that you too are having a series of unfortunate events!

2 thoughts on “When It Rains, It Pours!

  1. Lol bit of bad luck you’ve run into! For future reference, if it helps, you can add other email addresses onto your Paypal account and be paid to any of them. I’m guessing that might have been the easier thing to do that time! 😉 x

    • I tried adding that particular email, which I somewhat invented there and then but it was already taken up by someone else! I’m now double and triple checking!!

      Sent from Josepha’s iPhone O

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