12th of November 2011

What were you doing on the 12th of November 2011?

It was a Saturday, it was a warm month here in England and Silvio Berlusconi stepped down as Italian PM.

I don’t really remember what I was doing that day – no surprise there really with my mushy brain. But over 11,000 people kept record of that day, and sent in over 750 hours of video footage to the BBC, showing what they were up to on that particular day. The result aired yesterday on BBC2. 750 hours were brought down to 90 minutes, and it was a great piece of work!

The programme was filmed and made by ordinary people from all over Britain. The video editing was impressive and one tough job I’m guessing. It was amazing to see how many different things happen to all sorts of people over the course of 24 hours in one particular country. There were funny moments and others which were more serious and sad. The ones which touched me were:

  • The nervous man who proposed to his partner and mother of his two children eleven and half years after he first kissed her;
  • The terminally ill father who, six weeks after being told he only had four weeks to live, walked his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day;
  • The protests held at St. Paul’s in London;
  • The young boy who managed to go down a flight of stairs all by himself after being told he wouldn’t be able to;
  • The immigrant who is trying to make a life for himself but never forgets his true roots;
  • The woman who can’t have children and instead keeps a bunny;
  • The woman who cries each time a bee is killed and insists on burying them in her garden;
  • The young man who lives in a house with 23 other people, all forming part of a religious group;
  • The gay man looking for love;
  • The recovering drug addict who wants to change for his family;
  • The wife who tells her husband he knew she never wanted children, and the husband telling her that she knew he did;
  • The separated father who sees his children once a week;
  • The young boy saying “God is everything to us”;
  • The man sitting down for dinner who suddenly remembers England vs. Spain is playing in Wembley, puts on the TV only to see the referee whistling the final whistle, and England have won!

There were so many other stories, excerpts of other people’s lives which I’ve not put down. Each video was touching and original. There were babies being born, young children playing outside, teenagers complaining about how tough life was, young love blossoming, older couples celebrating their love, tragedy hitting some lives and everything else that can happen to each and every one of us on one particular day.

So if you have to see it online, please do so. It’s an impressionable piece of work and reminds us all that whatever tough day we’re having, someone out there probably has it much worse than we do.


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