The Laughing Matter…

Cesca will soon turn one.

I need to stop for a second to take in that reality. One year already – WHAT??

In just over a fortnight, my once-upon-a-time little tummy flutter will be a baby no more. This time last year I was 34 weeks pregnant, feeling my weight and super-excited to meet her. Now she’s growing and growing quickly, her clothes don’t fit from one week to the other and she’s still adamant not to crawl or walk. Which I have to say is fine by me. I find it reassuring that I can leave her sitting down in one place and finding her in the same spot (well nearly anyways). Having said that I’m counting on her to be able to wobble a few steps by next December – she HAS to walk down the aisle at her aunt’s wedding. It’s either that or me pushing her in her pushchair, which I’m afraid does not quite do it. So that’s six months to go to get going C! AND to get her hair growing as well, though I honestly can’t really lament about that because recently it’s been growing at a fast rate, her sides can now easily tuck behind her ears and her back-of-head patch she had is slowly filling up. She will not hold a hair-band, so for now I’m relying on clips, of which we’ve lost a lot. Once she realizes she has a clip on, she won’t stop till it’s off her head and onto the floor.

But the one thing which really has me glowing inside, is her cheerful character. This month it’s been all about smiles and laughing. I love nothing more in the world than seeing her play by herself and giggling away at her toys, or putting her down for a nap and hearing her laugh by herself. When I recite some nursery rhymes to her, she will crack up from laughter and sometimes she laughs until she’s got tears streaming down her face! She squeals in public, she sometimes screams as well (especially in supermarkets for some odd reason) and she has started ‘saying’ new words. “Dada” is the newest word to be said. She recognizes more words as day passes – the latest words she now recognizes are  ‘flowers’, ‘butterfly’, ‘Minnie’ and ‘water’. She makes funny faces at any given moment and as soon as she sees someone smiling or laughing at her, that’ll just give her more ammunition to do it more and more!

It’s amazing to see her life changing so much and to see her growing up so much and learning more and more everyday. It’s also sad that my baby is now a baby no more. A couple of months ago I wrote about how I wished babies would come with a ‘pause’ button. I’m can tell you quite surely now – they definitely don’t.


Watching the game with papa’, but she couldn’t keep a serious face 🙂



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