One Year With You, Little One.

You’re one little girl.

One year of being a mummy to you. Everything was new to you, and to me. We’ve learnt a lot together about each other these past 365 days. If I made any mistakes, I’m truly sorry. However your happy nature reassures me that we are on the right path.

Your papa’ and I can look at you for hours. We know all the small details of your face, we know the way your eyebrows grow, we know each facial expression you make and we know what each look means. We love watching you discovering yourself and the world around you.

You’re a sweetheart. You’re a joy to be a mother to. You are everything I always wished my baby to be.

You are our cheeky, energetic, smiling, charming and adorable daughter.

You, my dear Cesca, are our life.


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