Turning One!

Back from our escapade to The Rock, I’m finally done with the unpacking, and am taking my first cup of coffee for the day. Our weekend was busy. Fun, but busy! Suffice to say, I was sleeping by 9pm yesterday evening – it was still light outside and I was already tucked in bed.

The holiday started off on a bad note – my grandfather passed away a couple of hours after our arrival. We were expecting this news, yet it still threw me back a bit. I realized I had no grandparents left and A’s grandmother is the only great-grandparent C has left. He died four months after my grandmother did and now we all have another angel looking down on us.

Friday was a public holiday in Malta and we went for a swim in Marsalforn. We then took C later on in the day. Contrary to her first experience with the sea, she loved it this time round. She was a bit hesitant at first, but took to it quite quickly! However it seems she loved the taste of salt-water and drank quite a bit of it without us realizing it. One quick vomiting session afterwards, she was back to normal 🙂

Saturday was super-busy and jam-packed with everything I needed to do. I had to let go of my hair-colouring appointment and now have to make do with this crazy colourful head that I have for two more weeks!

We held C’s birthday party in the evening on our terrace. The theme chosen was a butterfly one. She loves butterflies, particularly the picture of one she has in her bedroom. C’s grandmother did the almond cake and her friend decorated it for us. Everything was about butterflies and fun. We managed to do her ‘quccija‘ and take some pictures before C zoned out for the night.

For non-Maltese readers, the ‘quccija’ is held on a baby’s first birthday. Basically, different items symbolizing different career paths are set out for the baby to choose from. Whatever the baby chooses is meant to represent the baby’s future career. 

We set out her ‘quccija’ items on a blanket and let her choose away. Her choice was from:

  • A Notary’s Stamp
  • A Lawyer’s Pen
  • A Teacher’s Book
  • An Artist’s Brush
  • An IT Consultant’s Pen-Drive
  • An Accountant’s Calculator
  • A Doctor’s Stethoscope
  • A Dentist’s Toothbrush
  • A Hairdresser’s Brush
  • A Ballerina’s Ballet Shoe
  • A Musician’s Metronome

Not being a versatile crawler or walker, we set out the things as close to her as possible and tried to make everything as accessible to her as we could. We let her go and she immediately grabbed the pen-drive. In a second try, she went for the book and in the last attempt, she went back to the pen-drive. No surprise really – C loves playing with the computer mouse, she loves the iPad and everything that’s tech.

Sunday we chilled out, enjoyed the sea, watched Italy get hammered by the Spaniards and packed for our early Monday morning departure.

See you in a bit Malta!

Here are some pics:

A happy C on her trip to Malta!


My little family-unit x


The goofy birthday girl 🙂



Sunday’s are meant to be spent this way.


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