Little Monsters

The past two weeks, nighttime has become a nightmare of sorts.

On a typical seven-day week, C was usually sleeping through the whole night 3-4 times, and waking up for her 2 oz of milk on the other nights. I wanted to cut down that habitual feed because I knew she was not hungry, but it was only a habit she was growing accustomed to. So with the advice of some friends after I wrote about it here, I’m happy to say that the nighttime feed is over. I take some ounces of water in bed with me, just in case she really is thirsty but so far she’s never taken it. I was very happy with the night situation, and a rested me is a happy me!

However then, teething problems started.

C got her first two teeth within one week of each other when she was six months old without any moan or problem at all, and from then till these past couple of days, no other tooth broke through. During last week’s check-up from papa’, we found that the upper four frontal teeth were all visible beneath her gums, and they were definitely on their way down, and a lower one was making its’ debut as well. Fast forward a couple of days, two teeth have broken through and the others are on their way there. And also, a very cranky and restless being has taken over my Cesca.

The night before we left for Malta last week, C woke up at 3am and spent four solid hours crying and screaming the place down. She was tired but could not sleep due to her screaming. I was scared because she’s never been much of a crier, and this surpassed everything I’d ever known her to be. Some Calpol later, she finally slept at 7 in the morning, and A and myself were two headless zombies for the rest of the day. Not so great when you have a flight to take later on in the day – a flight means an hour-long car drive to the airport, a three-hour plane trip to Malta, 45-minutes car drive to catch a ferry we always end up losing for a couple of seconds, a 30-minute ferry trip and a 15-minute drive home.  Exhausting is an understatement.

And now nights are really exhausting. She will sleep peacefully for the first 3-4 hours of her sleep and then it starts. She will start kicking her feet (rather loudly), getting her feet caught in the crib bars (she’ pulls down the bumper cushioning), wake up for her dummy, toss and turn, and eventually I bring her in bed with us just so I can stop getting out/into bed every hour. She will then kick some more (she is one hell of a kicker I can say that much!) swing her hands around, moan a bit and sleep, sometimes till 7.30am and today, when it’s nearing 9am, she’s still in bed.

She’s become a bit of a moaner as well. I can’t venture near her mouth area for she will push me away quite roughly and turn her head. Although she still has not started going through the separation anxiety phase, I feel we’re getting there for whenever A or myself leave the room, she will cry out for a couple of seconds. And then it’s business as usual.

I long for one continuous night of sleep!

And the return of my normal Cesca!!

She’s not THAT grumpy (YET!)


4 thoughts on “Little Monsters

  1. Is her cot in your bedroom? Because maybe it’s time to place it in another room and let her kick away. She’ll get used to not getting the attention she craves and will self-settle. Good luck x

    • Yes G! The thing is our second bedroom here is on the first floor, and even with the baby monitor on, that’ll mean having to go up and down several times I’m thinking during the night! However her bedroom in Malta is about to get started so at least summer looks good 🙂

  2. Thanks for the birthcontrol post hehe. This is something I DO NOT look forward to some day 🙂 I hope for your sake things calm down a bit though and you can get some sleep

    • Lol nooo Angela 🙂 Unfortunately it’s all part of the parcel of having a baby. I’m just looking forward for all her teeth to have cut through, and maybe I’ll have my baby back!

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