The (Temporary) Move

It’s that time of the year. When we pack (nearly) everything we have and head to The Rock for our summer holidays. A will be joining us on and off due to work duties, but C and myself get six weeks of sun, heat, humidity, frizzy hair, swimming and sweating. I’m thinking twice-a-day swims can only help us both.

That, or drowning in our own sweat.

So at the moment I’m packing and packing. The majority of things we need are already waiting for us at our place in Gozo. But the last minute bibs and bobs still need to go in. This time round more books and toys are making way into our suitcases. I can’t get over C’s excitement upon seeing a book – she does take a bit after me after all 🙂

Contrary to last year, we chose to stay in our English home this year. Although I really don’t like our estate agent, it’s a really nice place and we’ve settled into it. At least that removes the huge headache that packing and unpacking always gave us both. Come the end of August, we’ll return to our little house 🙂

Will I miss the English ‘summer’? Erm, no. Not really. For although I know the Maltese sky-high levels of humidity and temperature will get to me after a couple of hours, it really does not seem like summer in this English weather. I don’t know about you, but wearing cardigans and even socks at times in the middle of July does not spell out summer to me.

I’m guess I’m a Mediterranean gal down and through.

Now off to continue with the packing…Happy summer my English friends. Do make the most of every minute of sunshine you get!!

xxx Jos



2 thoughts on “The (Temporary) Move

  1. The temperature was +38 today but it said the ‘feel like’ temp was +49! It’s insanely hot here in Malta right now, you sure you want this? LOL

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