What goes around DOES come around…


I’m writing this post outside on a balcony, chilled water glass in hand, listening to the wind blow and watch the sea waves crash against the shore. C has just gone down for a nap and A and myself are soon off for a swim. We’re hoping the jellyfish are not in attendance today. I’m finally getting a tan, my hair is back to being presentable and I’m thinking we’ll soon have a new walker in the house.

But back to today.

A couple of weeks ago I had written about a particular episode which had upset me. I had then prayed for karma to work its’ magic and to give this particular person what she deserved. I’m not an ill-wisher, but the personal attacks and vile comments that came out of her filthy mouth made me pray for karma’s intervention.

And it seems that finally Karma’s found it’s way round this person.

For after some tough decisions, our moves have been made and we can now put our minds at rest.

Karma will do the rest!


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