The One Where Three Are Two…Again…

A’s holiday is over, and for the first time in a long while, we are separated for a brief period again. Even though we have all our relatives and friends around us here and altough we’ve gone through this scene scores of times before, I already miss him. However this time round, C is no longer a baby, I’m not afraid of going out with her alone, and she keeps me entertained in a non-crying sort of way. For the next couple of days we’re back to messaging and Skyping.

In the meantime Little Miss Mischief here is growing up so fast. These ten days we’ve been here, I’ve seen her glide her way through so many milestones. Everthing seems to be telling us that C will totally skip the crawling phase and start on her walking in the next couple of weeks. She has started disliking sitting and has great fun walking around the place with a helping hand. She’s had her First Fall, First Bruise and First Scare, though thankfully seems to be over it now. Her digits have become hands-off territory and in order to cut her nails, I have to do so while sleeping or bite them off with my teeth (very appetizing!) The hot weather really gets to her poor thing, so we try to keep her as cool as we can. She is not swimming as much as I want her to, mainly due to the jellyfish scare going round in all beaches of the island, although she’s swam four times in ten days, so maybe it’s not that bad.

I’m slowly growing accustomed to the Gozitan way of life. You know – service without a smile, driving as crazily as possible, forgetting basic manners and trying to keep calm in the face of unbelievable behaviour. Things which already bothered me prior to my moving to England, have now started bothering me a hundred times more thanks to said move. I can’t help reminiscing about the friendliness and happy character of (the majority of) the English people.

I’ve seen some of you around already and it’s so much fun meeting up with friends after months or even years! I’ve had my dearest friend’s baby shower and can’t wait till I get the happy call announcing the little angel’s arrival. I have some coffee dates lined up, a lunch with a dear one – simply putting it, catching up is so much fun

My posts are becoming sporadic, pictures not that often. I apologize for that, but finding the time to sit down and write and transfer the photos to the PC is hard. I promise I’ll make up for it šŸ™‚

Can’t wait to meet you lilttle one x



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