I Really Don’t Care…

Before you continue reading this post, let me warn you.

It’s a rant.

I’m writing this whilst listening to the Sister Act soundtrack playing on full-blast just outside our place. A local dance-school has put up a show in the square facing our house, and it’s as if they’re singing in my living room. I’ve closed all the doors and windows, but still I can hear “I will follow him” word by word. I’m slightly pissed off because even though it’s summer and not that late, I’m tired, I want to sleep and I’ve been listening to these songs since last Sunday. Also each song starts with a powerful blast of sound which is startling C each and every time.

The most annoying thing is knowing that I still a further 45 minutes (at least) listening to soundtrack songs.

And ABBA of course. They still haven’t played.

There’s a reason shows like these are held in closed areas and played to a paying public. You go if you want to. No one forces you to listen to a whole show.

A show which started at 8.30pm and three hours on, is still going on.

So go on and shoot me if you want. Yes, I’m the Scrooge of the Art World. You can throw red paint on my door, car or me. You can give me angry looks tomorrow morning. You can point and hiss at me all you want.

I don’t care. I’m just pissed.

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