The Fifty-First Shade?

If you read my posts, you must know of the Fifty Shades phase I went through. I was reading the books at every stolen moment I could and once finished I experienced that disappointing moment when you know that there aren’t any further installments planned, and so the story does end there.

But yesterday I found something which ‘eased the pain’ (so to speak).

Apparently, the literary world is now to be taken over by a series of books written by Sylvia Day. The first book which is out is called Bared to You. The second book is meant to come out next October. If you’ve loved Fifty Shades, you’re meant to love these ones too!

One small thing which I’m hoping I’ll get over is the lead character’s name – Gideon.


I ordered mine yesterday. I will definitely keep you posted 🙂




10 thoughts on “The Fifty-First Shade?

  1. oooo thanks for sharing this! I couldn’t put the 50 Shades novels down, loved them and was too disappointed when it all came to an end. Now everything I read just doesn’t seem so interesting haha

      • I read hunger games. Books are much better than the film (as usual). I am enjoying the easy-read, beach book of Fifty Shades and I am really enjoying listening (audio book) to Game of Thrones.

      • I am always let down by the film as well, so I stick to the books. I loved Hunger Games – wasn’t convinced at first, but then couldn’t put it down!

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