The Tin One of Dating

On July 29th 2002 I started meeting up a certain Anthony at Marsalforn. Even though we both lived on a tiny speck of land, we had never met each other prior to that summer, and the only times we had seen each other was at the University’s library. Both us being shy, we’d never mustered the courage to approach the other, however with the help of two friends, we exchanged numbers and set up a first date.

It was a Monday and we met up at 10pm at a local bar called Cocktails, sadly no longer open.

For the next four days we met up and talked and talked. We’d stay talking till 1-2 in the morning. We’d talk about every topic under the sun. We both needed some alcohol to set our tongues loose, but by Friday it seemed we knew everything about the other.

So on Saturday we had our first proper date and kiss, and we were officially dating 🙂

Ten years down the line and here we are. We were one, became two and now have a third joyful bundle!

I can gush about you for hours (I’m in THAT mood). I can thank you forever. I can mention special memories we have together.

Instead I’ll just tell you ‘I love you qalbi’.

That’s all that counts.

A blast from the past!


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