Claustrophobic Times…

It’s been just been C and myself these past eight days. This time last year, I was alone with her as well, but the circumstances were a bit different. Being a newborn, C took over my whole days and nights. I completely lost track of which day it was, of the time and the planet I lived on. Days became mingled up together and time lost all meaning. However this time round, C has a routine (yay!) and I can finally plan around her days. The thing is that on this small island, our plans are rather limited.

Gozo has two main shopping areas and since they’re both air-conditioned, they are the ones we normally go to because running around in this terrible heat-wave is sinister. So normally we alternate days and try to skip a day or two so as to give ourselves a break and try to  make ourselves forget which shop has which clothes, and therefore fake surprise when we see a ‘new’ rack of clothes. Coffee-time means a couple of other places we take turns visiting. Gardens and parks are out of the question – there is one newly-renovated garden we visit, but the kids area is quite limited in swings, so we now stroll along the gardens pointing out to flowers instead. After being practically thrown out of a supermarket last week (no it didn’t involve anything criminal – just a ignorant salesgirl so eager to close shop that she threw us out because according to her the supermarket was closed although the doors were open and the lights on), I have now banned it from my list of supermarkets, and instead head to others, where I always end up buying half the things on my list because I never manage to find everything – mainly due to impatience on my part.  Of course getting to and from these places means walking in the streets of Victoria, with a pushchair, on roads without any pavements and road markings. You have to thank God and all your lucky starts if you make it to your destination in one piece (you and the pushchair).

I know, I know. This is Gozo. I’ve lived here for over twenty years. I have no right to complain because I know island life.  I ought to know by now what to expect and what to dismiss, and I really should not be writing this post.

Yet here I am.

So yes, I’m enjoying friends, family, the sea, the ‘old’ hangout places. But I’d be lying if I say that I don’t miss England with its’ open spaces, parks, cool walks, that little bit.

Or more.

This post was written in a moment of extremely missing A on a hot and humid day. Hence the negative tones. I promise my next post will be a positive one!

This may be an island in Greece, but sometimes Gozo seems just as big!


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