Rock Life

After the last couple of grumbling posts, I promised you (and myself) a positive one. And today seems like the perfect day to write one. A comes tomorrow, I’ve managed to meet up some great friends and had a laugh and life is good.

So while The Rock is everything I talked about last time, one must not forget the good points.

The Help:

– Having grandparents and family close at hand is a luxury. I’m not used to asking for help from anyone. I’m quite self-sufficient and living abroad only sharpened that quality. I’ve taught myself how to keep calm in situations where the old me would perhaps freak out and I think things through before making decisions. But I have to say that being able to ask my mum or A’s parents to hold C for a couple of hours, a night or a whole day while I run some errands, clean the place or meet up friends feels like the greatest gift of all. Yes, I end up missing the little munchkin like crazy, but I’m milking the situation to the last drop without one bit of guilt.

Old Faces:

– Meeting up with friends is something I miss. My ‘old’ friends are the best really. I feel at ease with them, I love our chit-chat, hours pass by so quickly when with them. I’m lucky to have met some great people in England, but there’s something about meeting up with people you’ve known for nearly twenty years. Seeing a familiar face at the hairdresser’s, at the coffee-place and at the supermarket, warms my heart and puts a big smile on my face. Yes we live on a speck of an island, and know everything and everyone, but that’s not such a bad thing at times.


– If there’s one thing I miss in England, it’s the leisure of going out at any time of the day, entering a cafe’ and ordering a capucchino. For after 7pm, everything closes and the only place you can go to for a drink (non-/alcoholic) is the pub, which is not the same. I love going out for coffee at 11am, at 4pm and going back out for one at 10pm. Nothing beats the simple things in life.

The Islanders:

Yes, some of them are annoying. They make me angry, they never cease to surprise me with the actions and comments and embarrass me at times as well, but I’m learning to take them with a pinch of salt and smile instead of getting annoyed. And you are much better off smiling! So when I see the old man sleeping on a bench outside his favourite bar at midnight instead of going home, hear the loud conversations people have, watch and experience the crazy drivers the Island has, all I think is ‘Ah, some things never change‘. And that reassuring thought makes me smile 🙂

The Killing Heat:

– The humidity kills me, drives me mad, makes my hair stick out in every direction and has me entering the shower at any given chance. But feeling the warmth on your skin, taking a cool dip in the sea and getting a tan is nothing short of pure bliss. I love how my arms are constantly tanned from driving the car and I can make proper use of my sunglasses. I have a love/hate relationship with the weather here on The Rock, but after experience the crazy chaos that is weather in England, I have come to appreciate it that bit more.

(Don’t be surprised if my next post will be one where I won’t stop moaning about the weather. Like I said, we have a strange relationship, the weather and myself).

But I’ll stop there. I want to keep this post as positive as possible 😉

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2 thoughts on “Rock Life

  1. I love this post, and i so agree with your point of the coffee time… it’s the same in Sweden as in England, everything closes at 19 and it’s dead after that, that’s what I love here. It’s always full of life, places to go and it’ so relaxed.

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