The Bullet-Point One


– C making noises (most of which are rude ones) and laughing at herself;

– She finally realized that pebbles and stones are not meant to be eaten, but they make a curious noise if you bang them together;

– Having a couple of arguments with other car drivers whilst driving – you can’t stop your car suddenly in the middle of the road to say hello to someone and start swearing at me when I beep my horn at you to move!!

– Going to swim four times in five days!

– Having a delicious dinner with friends AND being charged reasonably. I still can’t get over our last dinner in Malta when we were a party of four, three of us had fish and were charged Euro120 for the fish alone.

– I’m still trying hard not to slap some salesgirl silly. Please don’t ‘tsk’ me when you mean to say ‘no’. I am not a dog. But I may bite.

– Moving C into a separate room in a big bed. She slept the whole night without waking up once for her blessed dummy. The trick seems to be giving her a big bed since we’ve realized she moves around her bed like a clock. So if it’s space she wants, space she will get.

– Meeting up with a mummy who gave birth to a little girl on the same day that C was born! It was so nice catching up with her and noting how many similarities exist between our girls!

– Rediscovering my Bucilla love. It’s still August, but Christmas is only four months away!

– I’m missing my smartphone, my Instagram and not being able to share my photos in real time. So be warned that I will definitely make up for it come next month šŸ™‚











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